Parallel Systems

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Course Number: 141202 

General Information:  האתר בבנייה - יתכנו שינויים

Course Objectives

 The goal of this course is to provide a modern in-depth introduction to Parallel Processing. The course will cover theoretical and practical aspects of Parallel Processing


The course is a modern introduction to Parallel Cpmputing. The course covers theoretical topics and modern tools such as: MPI, OpenMP, Cilk, UPC, paralle performance tools, parallel debugger and jobs scheduler.

Load: Lectures, 2 labs, 4 home assignments, presentations and final exam.


The course duration is one semester
Time: Thursday, 18:15-19:45.
Calss location: room 032new


    Dr. Guy Tel-Zur, Email: guycomputing AT gmail DOT com
    Reception hours: Immediately after class

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