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Semester 2011B

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Course Number: 20114132

General Information:

Course Objectives

Scientific Computing (or Computational Science) is considered by many as the Third Pillar of Science along with Theory and Experiment.
Today's graduates must have significant skills in computation in their research and working places.
The course will be focused on Numerical Algorithms, Case Studies and Computational tools such as Parallel Computing.


1. Numerical methods
    a. Linear Algebra
    b. Numerical Integration
    c. Monte Carlo methods
    d. ODEs
    e. PDEs
2. Case Studies
    a. Heat Equation
    b. Random Walk
    c. Metropolis Algorithm
    d. Wave Equation
3. Tools
    a. Visualization and other scientific, open source, tools
    b. Parallel Computing with MPI and OpenMP
    c. Demos: Grid and Cloud Computing for Scientists


    Feinberg Graduate School Students


    The course duration is one semester. 2 hours per week
    Time: Sunday, 5pm-7pm.
    Class location: Ziskind 1 new


    Dr. Guy Tel-Zur, Email: tel-zur AT
    Reception hours: Immediately after class new.


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