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Semester 2011B

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Computational Science and Engineering by Gilbert Strang.


MIT Opencourseware  18.085 Computational Science and Engineering I by Prof. Gilbert Strang, Very Recommended!
MIT Opencourseware  12.010 Computational Methods of Scientific Programming
MIT Opencourseware  18.337J / 6.338J Applied Parallel Computing (SMA 5505)

Python  Scripting for Computational Science by H. P. Langtangen.

Python Scripting for Computationl Science

Introduction to High Performance Scientific Computing By Victor Eijkhout

This is a textbook that teaches the bridging topics between numerical analysis, parallel computing, code performance, large scale applications. "This is an excellent, expertly crafted, highly readable book that is the best snapshot of the state of HPC that I have seen in many years." (John Gustafson, Director of Intel Labs, Santa Clara)

Scientific Computing: An Introductory Survey

Lecture notesScientific Computing: An Introductory Survey

Computational Physics

By Professor Morten Hjorth-Jensen  from the University of Oslo,
Lecture notes in Computational Physics (2009)
The web link to his course is here

I would like to thank Prof. M. Hjorth-Jensen for letting his coursware material be available on-line !

Scientific Computing Courses around the world

SC at NYU, Spring 2006, Jonatan Goodman

SC at NYU, Spring 2009, David Bindel

SC at NYU, Spring 2011, Aleksandar Donev

CS322 Introduction to Scientific Computing, Spring 2008, Cornell University

CS3200 Introduction to Scientific Computing, Spring 2011, The University of Utah

Physics Deptartment University of the Pacific , Scientific Computing Tutorial

Introduction to Scientific Computing, Dr. Tim Warburton, Rice University MA471

Applications of Parallel Computers, U.C. Berkeley CS267/EngC233, Spring 2010

Indiana University:
P573: Introduction to Scientific Computing
B673: Parallel Scientific Computing
Advanced Scientific Computing, B673

University of Washington, Spring 2010, AMATH 583: High-Performance Scientific Computing

Other Links

Computational Physics in Wikipedia
From CEEN: The Data Analysis BriefBook
Free Parallel Matlab/Octave tool PMATLAB
CERCS Multi-Core Repository

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