Grid and Cloud Computing 

Semester 2012B

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Course Number:  142149.01

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The course is a modern introduction to Grid Computing and Cloud Computing, two technologies that are changing the way we consume computing resources and services. IT departments, Data Centers, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Data Intensive applications are now migrating to Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Pay- per- Use models. 

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 Tools to be covered: Globus, Condor, Unicore, Gridgain, XtreemOS, Proactive, OpenStack, AWS (Cloud market), Axis (Tomcat), OpenCA , Hadoop
(subject to changes)

* The course is new and is taught for the first time in Spring 2012 therefore changes to the syllabus may apply


CS students
The number of students is limited to 40


    The course duration is one semester. 3 hours per week
    Time: Thursday, 18:15-20:45
    Calss location: ווסטון 132new
    Lab. location: room 217


    Dr. Guy Tel-Zur, Email: gtelzur AT
    My MTA web site in English / Hebrew
    Reception hours: Immediately after class

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