An Introduction to Parallel Processing


Activity: Grade:
Home Assignment #1 4%
Home Assignment #2  4%
Home Assignment #3 4%
Home Assignment #4 4%
Final Exam 74%
Present in class (1% for each meeting) up to 10%
  • Program design, style, internal and external documentation will affect the grades.
  • For late submissions there will be a penalty of -2n points for n days!
  • Each exercise will get a grade in the range 0..100. Same range applies to all the other grades.
    0.04*(EXE1+EXE2+EXE3+EXE4)+0.74*FINAL_EXAM+0.01*number of times attended in class (up to 10%)

  • Then the FINAL_GRADE will be rounded to the nearest integer.
  • Students will do all of their assignments in pairs, except during the final exams!