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Introduction: Internet of Things (IoT), the vast array of physical objects equipped with sensors and software that enable them to interact with little human intervention by collecting and exchanging data via a network. The Internet of Things (IoT) includes the many “smart,” computer-like devices so commonplace today, which can connect with the Internet or interact via wireless networks; these “things” include phones, appliances, thermostats, lighting systems, irrigation systems, security cameras. vehicles, even animals and cities. Today, smart watches track exercise and steps, smart speakers add items to shopping lists and switch lights on and off, and transponders allow cars to pass through tollbooths and pay the fee electronically.
The IoT simplifies and automates tasks that are complicated and sometimes beyond the scope of human capabilities. The number of connected devices making up the IoT today ranks in the billions.[Britannica]

Dr. Guy Tel-Zur.

Course number 361-1-4840.
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Course Schedule

Meeting Topic
1 Introduction, IoT and Edge Computing Definition and Use Cases
2 Sensors and Actuators
3 Communication and Network Protocols
4 Microcontrollers and Development Environments
5 Constrained devices and Edge
6 Introduction to Cloud Computing and an OpenStack demo
7 Cloud Computing - AWS in details
8 Cloud Computing - AWS and its IoT services.
9 Cyber and Hardware Security
10 ESP32 in further details. FreeRTOS, Bare Metal
11 Students' presentations - Part 1
12 Students' presentations - Part 2 and summary

Lecture slides, Syllabus and additional material: see the course Moodle.
Hours: Thursdays 18:00-21:00, Autumn semester.
Location: TBD.
Reception hours: immediately after class
Questions? send an email to guycomputing @ gmail . com

Grades: check the official syllabus!

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