PRACE Winter School 2021-Converging HPC Infrastructure & Methodologies (external link)

MPI, OpenMP, and Profiling

By Dr. Guy Tel-Zur

The tutorial slides

The tutorial recording

The training material (prace2021.tar.gz - the tutorial compressed archive file, md5sum: cdaeef95f35cf885aa9762844abe313f)

The HPC_VM educational virtual machine image (external link)
This image is available for a limited time! The image file requires Virtualbox (external link).
The file size is large (15GB).
The guest machine requires about 40GB of additional disk space and at least 5.5GB of memory!
md5sum: 3891d1c2c2c90ba5a4a2f2635c380f49

Guy Tel-Zur, Ph.D., Email: gtelzur @ bgu . ac . il