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PRACE Winter School 2017 Introduction to Parallel Computing

Parallel Computing with MPI and OpenMP


PRACE tutorials

A Gentle Introduction to MPI

PRACE Summer School 2008 - Advanced MPI

PRACE Autumn School 2010 - MPI Programming

Joint PRACE HPC Summer Training - MPI and OpenMP

PRACE Winter School 2011 - Introduction to Parallel Programming, MPI & OpenMP

PRACE Winter School 2011 - Advanced MPI programming

PATC Course: Parallel programming with MPI and MPI-IO

PRACE Winter School 2012 - MPI 3.0

Introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI & OpenMP

Introduction to parallel programming and Message Passing paradigm

ANL tutorials

Tutorial on MPI: The Message-Passing Interface - William Gropp

LLNL tutorial

More tutorials

MPI Tutorial by V. Balaji GFDL Princeton University

Parallel Programming Rutgers Computational Physics 2006

MPI Hands-On Exercises - The National Institute for Computational Sciences

Yet Another MPI Tutorial by Georg Bisseling

Link to specific topics

HPCS Langeuages Resource


Parallel Computing by Wilkinson and Allen  Link  Link

Designing and Building Parallel Programs,  by Ian Foster

Parallel Programming: Techniques and Applications Using Networked Workstations and Parallel Computers (2nd Edition) by Barry Wilkinson and Michael Allen


MPI Quick Reference Card


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