An Introduction to Parallel Processing


The course is a modern introduction to Parallel Processing. The course covers theoretical parallel algorithms and practical tools such as: MPI, OpenMP, CilkPlus, parallel performance tools and jobs schedulers, code modernization and optimization, Intel's Parallel Studio, Xeon Phi, High-Throughput Computing (HTCondor).

The course is more practical than theoretical. It is oriented toward Scientific Computing. The educational cluster uses the Linux operating systems and it is required to have basic understanding of Linux.

Activity: Grade:
Home Assignment #1 5%
Home Assignment #2  5%
Home Assignment #3 5%
Home Assignment #4 5%
Final Exam 80%
  • Program design, style, internal and external documentation will affect the grades.
  • For late submissions there will be a penalty of -2n points for n days!
  • Each exercise will get a grade in the range 0..100. Same range applies to all the other grades.

  • Then the FINAL_GRADE will be rounded to the nearest integer.
  • Students will do all of their assignments in pairs, except during the final exams!