Syllabus - ECE course 36114201

RISC vs. CISC, VHDL, Superscalar architecture, MIPS, Pipleline.....

Schedule - Spring semester 2020

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Meeting Date Topic Material Lab/Assignment
8/3/20 Beginning of Semester
1 12/3/20 Introduction - Course Overview and requirements.
Basics and Fundamental Concepts
Introdction and Basics 1
Introdction and Basics 2
Fundamental Concepts
2 19/3/20 ISA and MIPS ISA tradeoffs
ISA tradeoffs and MIPS ISA
Task #1 publication
3 26/3/20 MIPS Architecture ISA tradeoffs (cont.) and MIPS ISA
MIPS Architecture
Home assignment #1
4 2/4/20 Microarchitecture Single cycle microarchitecture
Multi-cycle microarchitecture
Task #1 submission
Task #2 publication
no class 9/4/20 Passover vacation
5 16/4/20 Pipeline Pipelining I
Pipelining II
6 23/4/20 Branch and Prediction Branch and Prediction I Home assignment #2
7 30/4/20 Branch and Prediction (cont.) Branch and Prediction II
8 7/5/20 Exception and Maintenance states. OOO. Exceptions State, Maintenance State and Recovery
Out of Order Execution
9 14/5/20 GPU, VLIW, DAE, Memory Hierarchy, Caches GPU, VLIW, DAE
Memory Hierarchy
Memory Hierarchy Design
10 21/5/20 Caches Caches I
Caches II
no class 28/5/20
11 4/6/20 Parallelism I Instruction-Level Parallelism
Data-Level Parallelism
Home assignment #3
12 11/6/20 Parallelism II Thread-Level Parallelism
Historical Perspectives
Buffer 18/6/20
Buffer 25/6/20
26/6/20 End of Semester
xx/xx/20 Final exam, term A
xx/xx/20 Final exam, term B


Electrical and Computer Engineering:

3 home assignments - 2% each. Overall 6%
3 labs - lab #1 4%, lab #2 8%, lab #3 12%. Overall 24%
Final exam: 70%


Recommended text books:
1) John Hennessy and David Patterson - Computer Architecture.
5th Edition (MIPS for the present course).
Computer Architecture

6th Edition (RISC-V in the near future...).
Computer Architecture

2) David Money Harris and Sarah L. Harris, "Digital Design and Computer Architecture", second edition
Digital Design and Computer Architecture

This course is heavily based on "18-447 Introduction to Computer Architecture – Spring 2015" by Prof. Onur Mutlu from Carnegie Mellon University.
Slides and videos are available here. The videos are also available on Youtube.
Another excellent reference is ELE475 from Princeton University by Prof. David Wentzlaff
This course is also available on Coursera.


Where: Hall XXX, Building XXX.
When: Thursdays, 6pm-9pm.
Reception hour: immediately after class.
Lecturer: Dr. Guy Tel-Zur.
Contact: guycomputing @ gmail . com